Financing the International Agenda for sustainable development

June 23, 2015 - nr.27


The forthcoming Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa will seek agreements on the financing of the international agenda for sustainable development.
The AIV makes the following recommendations:

  • The Netherlands should make a strong case for financial coherence to be a recurring theme of consultations on financing for the international agenda for sustainable development.
  • To make international financial flows more transparent, the Netherlands should press for frameworks to be devised to produce as clear a picture as possible of all relevant financial flows, including ODA and other official aid, private flows and capital outflows (including illicit outflows).
  •  International and national tax regulations should be strengthened to tackle international tax avoidance and evasion and illicit flows. In this respect, the Netherlands should voice its support for the further operationalisation in respect of transfer pricing of ECOSOC’s Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters.
  • The Netherlands could offer its expertise and financial support to strengthen the domestic financial situation of developing countries by improving their tax collection capacity, accountability and the transparency of capital outflows.
  • The Netherlands should use its position to urge for the monitoring and coordination of financial flows for the future agenda for sustainable development to be embedded at multilateral – UN – level. This could take the form of annual consultation with the institutions directly involved, such as the IMF, World Bank and UNCTAD. Such coordination could be organised under the auspices of ECOSOC, parallel to (or as an explicit part of) the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development that reports to the UN General Assembly.
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