About the AIV


The Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) of the Netherlands is an independent body which advises government and parliament on foreign policy, particularly on issues relating to human rights, peace and security, development cooperation and European integration.

The AIV produces advisory reports on its own initiative or at the request of government or parliament. All reports are presented to the relevant members of the government as well as to the House of Representatives and Senate. In most cases, the government members in question are the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defence and the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. They are expected to send a government response to parliament within three months. The requests for advice, the reports and the government responses are all made public.


The AIV is an umbrella organisation comprising four permanent committees: on human rights (CMR), peace and security (CVV), development cooperation (COS) and European integration (CEI).

The Council’s reports contribute to the political and public debate on foreign policy. Discussion is furthermore encouraged by round table meetings, press releases and interviews, along with the publication of articles or opiniated editorials in newspapers or journals.

The AIV brings together the expertise of members of the various permanent committees, linking the fields of human rights, peace and security, development cooperation and European integration and responding to major international trends with implications for the Netherlands.


The advisory reports are prepared by one of the permanent committees or by an ad hoc working group consisting of experts from the various committees. Every report is approved by the AIV before it is presented to government and parliament, and ultimately published (in Dutch and in English translation). Depending on the topic, the reports are occasionally translated into other languages. All reports are available free of charge.

10 Years of history

The AIV started (in preliminary form) on 1 January 1997 and obtained a legal basis by act of parliament as of 1 January 1998 (on 18 March 1998).    AIV ACT(2).pdf

This Act is based on the 1996 Advisory Bodies Framework Act.  Advisory Bodies Framework Act(1).pdf

The AIV is the result of a merger of three earlier advisory councils, the oldest of which was the National Advisory Council for Development Cooperation (NAR), founded in 1964. Its first chair was Nobel prize winner Jan Tinbergen. The AIV’s other two predecessors were the Advisory Committee on Human Rights and Foreign Policy (ACM), dating from 1983, and the Advisory Council on Peace and Security (AVV), dating from 1985. 

On the formation of the AIV, the European Integration Committee was added as an acknowledgment of the major influence of European cooperation on Dutch foreign policy.

Advisory Council on International Affairs


Professor Jaap de Hoop Scheffer


Professor Joris Voorhoeve


Professor Tineke Cleiren
Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin
Professor Luuk van Middelaar
Professor Mirjam van Reisen
Koos Richelle
Monika Sie Dhian Ho
Lieutenant-General (ret.) Marcel Urlings

Honory members

Frits Korthals Altes
Professor Alfred van Staden


Marja Kwast-van Duursen

European Integration Committee


Professor Luuk van Middelaar


Monika Sie Dhian Ho


Professor Madeleine Hosli
Marnix Krop
Dr Mathieu Segers
Professor Linda Senden
Niek van Zutphen


André Westerink

Human Rights Committee


Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin


Professor Tineke Cleiren


Professor Yvonne Donders
Professor Janneke Gerards
Arjan Hamburger
Ton Heerts
Professor Nicola Jägers
Judge Egbert Myjer
Dr Bart Schermer
Naema Tahir


Robert Dekker MSc

Development Cooperation Committee


Professor Mirjam van Reisen



Professor Rolph van der Hoeven
Dr Antony Ong'ayo MSc
Marieke Schouten MSc
Elisabeth van der Steenhoven
André Veneman


Marenne Jansen

Peace and Security Committee


Professor Joris Voorhoeve


Lieutenant-General (ret.) Marcel Urlings


Professor Edwin Bakker
Dirk Barth
Arend Jan Boekestijn
Lo Casteleijn
Dr Nienke de Deugd
Professor Isabelle Duyvesteyn
Pieter Feith
Lieutenant-General (ret.) Dirk Starink


Jan Willem Glashouwer

List of names and addresses of staff

Secretariat of the Advisory Council on International Affairs

Marja Kwast-van Duursen, Executive secretary AIV
tel. +31 70 - 348 5326
E-mail: marja.kwast@minbuza.nl

André Westerink, Executive secretary, European Integration Committee (CEI) 
tel. +31 70 - 348 5175
E-mail: ar.westerink@minbuza.nl

Robert Dekker MSc, Executive secretary, Human Rights Committee (CMR)
tel. +31 70 - 348 5950
E-mail: robert.dekker@minbuza.nl

Marenne Jansen, Development Cooperation Committee (COS)
tel. +31 70 - 348 5152
E-mail: marenne.jansen@minbuza.nl

Jan Willem Glashouwer MA, Executive secretary, Peace and Security Committee (CVV)
tel. +31 70 - 348 5830
E-mail: janwillem.glashouwer@minbuza.nl

Irene van der Winkel, Staff member, AIV secretariat
tel. +31 70 - 348 6060
E-mail: irene-vander.winkel@minbuza.nl

Fabiola San Martin Lopez, Staff member, AIV-secretariat
tel.  +31 70 - 348 5108
E-mail: fabiola.lopez@minbuza.nl

Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) Secretariat

Rijnstraat 8
PO Box 20061
2500 EB The Hague

telephone: +31(0)70 - 348 6060 / 5108

(August 2019)