The future of ODA

January 12, 2017 - nr.29

In the AIV’s opinion, the importance of international cooperation will only increase in
a globalised world. Spurred on by the climate agreement and the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development, and with a view to the increased instability in a broad arc
around Europe and the resulting influx of refugees and migrants, international cooperation
will undoubtedly take on different characteristics from traditional development cooperation.
This area, like many areas of society, is in transition. A great deal needs to be done,
particularly to address the foreseeable ecological causes of conflict and migration.

Whatever the details, the AIV believes there will still be a need for a substantial budget
to help eradicate global poverty, remove the causes of migration, provide reception in the
region for refugees and enable implementation of the Paris climate agreement and the
international 2030 Agenda.

Of course, the AIV understands that the budget has temporarily had to be adjusted in
response to exceptional circumstances. But if the adjustment becomes permanent – and
thus escalates into a seriously aberrant course – it should be placed on the political
agenda and be subject to open public debate and political decision-making. The AIV would
urge that decision-making on the ODA budget be placed in a proper framework and given
a clear direction that clarifies the role that the Netherlands seeks to continue playing in
development cooperation, not only for politicians but also for civil society organisations,
the business community and the diplomatic service.

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